Gaoth Na Sinsire

We honour the ancestors this samhain in Mayo.Gaoth na Sinsire is a gathering of tirbal representatives come together to bless unblessed, dance the fallen and raise the spirits to be released.It is a deep resonant process and can heal many timelines, specifically channelled to be universal and coherently resolute as a process of ancestral healing, [...]

12 Monthly Workshops in Lucid Dreaming, Sacred Activism and Returning to Earth

A one year course in Emboying the Mythic in Response to the restrictive.Why do we heal?Is it for ourselves?Our children?Our community?When the Sun Kisses the Moon is activated transpersonal healing.This means the journey through the sessions is woven with intention to create ripples out through the planes of reality. From the dreaming to the material, [...]

Community Healing Weave

A gorgeous dynamic thread of healing and community sharing. A space for others to also announce their work, healing, guiding and creative or just looking to exchange or sell things.Weaves are a way to consciously tune with collective themes and allow awareness of your own unique expression in that theme.Please feel free to message and [...]

The Rainbow Bridge Sligo 6-8th August

Residential Weekend Workshop Exploring Play, Community and Radical Discontinuity Oh why hello there!Long time no see!Yer looking well! It's Summer! Let's Celebrate Life, Love and Community! Rainbow Bridge is a Two Night Three Day Tribal Initiation Space on Beautiful Land in a Home in County Sligo. So much time has been invested in introspection lately, diving [...]