What is Kundalini Awakening?

To put a massive topic into a brief synopsis; it is the awakening of the latent potential of the soul.


Sometimes felt in strange rushes through the body or heightened awareness of energy held within oneself. Often referred to as spiritual emergence, it is the rising of a greater consciousness through the energetic body. Many people feel it in bouts of depression followed by blissful revelations and intense experiences.

It is often accompanied by increasing awareness of synchronicity, psychic experience and deep revelations (of past lives/traumas and repressed feelings and memories). Some experience visitations from deceased relatives, angels or other spiritual beings. These can be overwhelming and occasionally traumatic. When this occurs in the Western social context it is often perceived and diagnosed as psychosis or bi-polar disorder, if it is really not held it can morph into deeper psychosis.
This is the Western diagnostic lens, which I do not dispute as being a valid lens, yet it is only a rationalist perspective that does not factor the presence of Spirit.

People experiencing Kundalini awakening are susceptible to paranoia and compulsive seeming behaviours. Really Kundalini awakening is a deep catharsis process wherein the ego is deconstructed by the soul. The more fear the ego is holding the more the deconstruction disrupts the life of the individual.

It’s the soul’s rollercoaster, represented by the rainbow serpent. It’s both a beautiful and painful process of expanding self awareness. Whatever is not truly something you are doing with authenticity and integrity will have to leave your life, this can include marriages, careers and material belongings. This separation period is profoundly difficult and can make the individual feel deeply despondent.

Sitting with plant medicines can both activate and alleviate the process, as can integrated space holding. Consciously engaging with the process can alleviate symptoms such as depression and lethargy, or calm manias and feverish dispositions. It can also give clarity to messages that are being transmitted through archetypical metaphor. For example often those in peak Kundalini experience will believe that they are a reincarnation of Jesus Christ, or some other heroic or spiritual figure. In effect they are realising their duty to be an embodiment of that energy (for example the original Christian principle of unconditional love and forgiveness) rather than being an actual embodiment of Jesus. This means they have awoken to that frequency and feel a responsibility to hold that energy on earth.

At this point shamanic grounding practices can help the individual to feel more present on the Earth plane of experience and to return to their ego in a healthful and love-based, rather than fear-based way.

The good news about a Kundalini awakening is that it is the beginning of your own personal heroes journey (check out Joseph Campbell : The Hero With A Thousand Faces for more on this process). A huge amount of energy has come to your disposal to help you along the path of healing so you can come into conscious co-creation on the planet.

What does this mean?

In the wisdom traditions this means there is a call for one to heal something collective through their own healing process. All the work you embark upon to change your life to a more authentic and personal experience (beyond the conditioning of social expectation and closer to your truth), clears the path for another. So even if you do not become a healer, or Jesus, you may finally begin to immerse yourself in your creative gifts, or start a business, or begin to truly connect with your family, as the blocks are surpassed by your spirit. These connections become more meaningful as you witness them emancipate others on their path.

For example ; How many times have you been healed by a piece of music even though it was soaked in suffering? Did you ever have a teacher who nurtured and inspired you? Has a family member ever overcome an addiction to connect again to their loved ones?

I am not saying that all of these people experience Kundalini awakening, but their authenticity and determination facilitates yours. Furthermore, by following your truth, you will inevitably facilitate others. You are not only healing yourself, but your family, friends, community, and eventually the planet. When we awaken we effectively become conscious players in the game of duality.

As Kundalini is active in each chakra it triggers different levels and experiences of healing in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. If you would like to consult with me on these please feel free to use the contact form.

The Tantric traditions use the term Kundalini and that has become the shorthand for a universal human experience. Like the biosphere and nature these processes do not belong to anyone, they just are (even though egoic man likes to kid themselves it does). In Celtic traditions it is the Rainbow Bridge, in Australian Aboriginal it is the Rainbow Serpent, the Christian Tradition refers to it as the Holy Spirit, in Hermeticism it’s the process of the Alchemical Marriage (Mysterium Conjunctis). It is often represented by rainbows, snakes and birds.

If you are experiencing this your process is universal and is one of interconnectedness, although it may feel lonely and overwhelming. You are not alone and help will come when it’s time, if you just ask for it, from source or your guides, healers and shamans or friends who understand.

There is a necessary adjustment period after we awaken to new realms of consciousness and it can be a wobbly first few steps, but trust in the earth beneath and the sky above and you will find your feet.

Believe in your strength as much as your vulnerability. Stay in your truth, grounded and humble and your true nature as your souls purpose on this planet and life will flow.

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