Earth Medicine Workshop Cork Tuesday 11th September 6pm

Earth Medicine (1)Hello Friends!

So begins the colours and fickle winds of Autumn!
Now is a time for harvesting a strong year.

Over the summer I had the amazing opportunity to train with St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation. The training was focused on the re-emergent concept of Spiritual Ecology.

Spiritual Ecology is a response to the environmental situation that is based in creating relationship with nature. It works with the principle that we only defend and care for that which we love, so reconnecting to our love of nature and the natural rhythms of life are essential in preserving human life and the lives of our animal, fish, mineral and plant friends.

Following this I will be hosting monthly workshops to help people develop their own shamanic approaches to this relationship, by offering advice, tips and techniques for various practices. These will include plant communication, sensory awareness, reciprocity and consideration in natural spaces, making plant essences for yourself or friends, earth care and people care healing methods, as well as getting into your Green Woman or Green Man, finding your wild and bringing that back into the world through whatever pursuit is most yours.

The first of these will be on Tuesday 11th from 6pm top floor Dervish. This will be held indoors with a healing focus. Will will be setting intentions following the New Moon in Virgo and before the Equinox tips the axis towards Samhain.

The first session will include an introduction to the medicine wheel (which is the format we will work with each month). We first connect with Earth and begin a sensory quest of animating our experiences of the natural world. We will share an Ogham Tree Circle for reflection, intention and divination. There will be discussion around re-sanctifying spaces by tending natural grottos (fairy rings, wild spaces) and creating relationship. There may also be some dried figs and dark chocolate, and tay.

Other sessions will be held in different outdoor locations that are accessible by foot or by bus. They will be held close to or on New Moons, Festivals or Full Moons. In doing this we are honouring our human and non-human ancestors and supporters.

The workshops are on donation, suggested donation is 10euro, but a donation of an open mind and honest heart is sufficient too!
Please invite friends and bring your own ideas and practices.

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