Turning To Trees Masculine Axis Initiation

Our generation lives in a Crisis of Elders. We live in world where the people who initiate into local and global power are openly corrupt, juvenille and dangerously insecure. I gave up on looking to those in a position of power in the political and social paradigm a long time ago. There is no direction nor security there. Animism receives nature as the primary teacher. I have learned a lot from learning about animals. I have learned so much from sitting by rivers and under trees and learning about their way of being. I am still totally novice student of the wild world, yet I want to offer these teachings and encourage others to learn from the Sacred Trees. Oak trees have taught me about addiction, Elder trees about truth, the Yew has taught me about death and ressurection, Ivy has shown me how I rely on others.
I want to share with you, not what I have learned from them, but how you can learn from them too.

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