The Rainbow Bridge Sligo 6-8th August

Residential Weekend Workshop Exploring Play, Community and Radical Discontinuity

Oh why hello there!
Long time no see!
Yer looking well!

It’s Summer! Let’s Celebrate Life, Love and Community!

Rainbow Bridge is a Two Night Three Day Tribal Initiation Space
 on Beautiful Land in a Home in County Sligo.

So much time has been invested in introspection lately, diving deep into self and shadow, past and possibility.
The time to rise from this dissolution is calling us out from the cocoons we’ve spun round our wounds.
The Call Has Come to Let the Shine Refract from Our New Wings and Alight Bright Horizons Family!

Rainbow Bridge is a play space to come back into OtherHood and remember to see ourselves in those around us, supported, celebrated and loved for all that we are.
This is an Embodiment, Community and Magickal Praktickality Circle.
You create the space, each being becomes another’s guide weaving through the community in the clarity of our constellation.

Together, our focus will include dreaming the body, dancing the personality, celebrating and co-creating in vulnerability
and experiencing love’s unconditionality through radical discontinuity.

This space is to remember to play with one another, embracing all the resistances we have, releasing the ‘need’ for perfection to embrace the power of connection.
Together we invoke all the shades of the spectrum and dance and delight in one another in the chaos of being human/animal/mystickal/flammable!
Fall in Love, Rise in Love, Writhe in Love
with yourself, your shadow and everyone
Crack Open in Connection
Crack Up in Appreciation

Let’s be Messy Together Again

All welcome, feel free to share this email with friends and come with companions.

The Rainbow Bridge is facilitated by Katie Ní Mhathúna of Kareklé Shamanic School assisted by Freddy Quinlan (Ananda Yoga) and Aoise Tutty Jackson.

Deposits of 60euro required in advance. Payment plans available.
Residential 240 (limited) Camping 200
Light meals included

If you wish to know more
or whatsapp 00353861573991

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