12 Monthly Workshops in Lucid Dreaming, Sacred Activism and Returning to Earth

A one year course in Emboying the Mythic in Response to the restrictive.
Why do we heal?
Is it for ourselves?
Our children?
Our community?

When the Sun Kisses the Moon is activated transpersonal healing.
This means the journey through the sessions is woven with intention to create ripples out through the planes of reality. From the dreaming to the material, we move through these threads not only for the benefit of the participant, but also their ancestry, community, ecology and society.

We emancipate ourselves from patterns, enmeshments, entrenched fears and so much else when we heal ourselves. Yet we can often stumble at the point of making that healing sustainable in the face of the world around us.
This one year process plays through life as a story and unravels old narratives in the play of consciousness.
It asks the soul, the psyche, the unconscious, ‘do we need colonialism? are we done with that story? can we change it? create a new one?’
‘Do we need this vision of sex and the body? or is there one more authentic?’
‘Do we need to be afraid of this? To fear death? To fear illness? To fear being oppressed?’
This process asks you again and again, ‘what world are you creating?’
‘Can you create something so wonderful that anything not in alignment simply falls away?’

And most importantly, and most often missing from these teachings. ‘have you done the ground work to make it sustainable?’

When the Sun Kisses the Moon is the embarking of Your Mythic Journey. This journey invites us all to step into the realm between human and divine and allow ourselves to become beacons of our own light to guide home to earth and true human family.
It is the path that calls us and it is one I am most excited to be walking.
I am honoured to be able to invite others to walk their own dynamic paths in tandem with me.

~ In sacred acts of luminousity
~ Let us weave dreams of healed creative realities

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