Saints, Smiths, Spirit Guides, Witches and Poets!

Come keenly come dreaming, come fevering in February to the firey flaming revelry of a women who lived every thing she ever could be!
Come home to coven, cauldron, kin and body.
Come play the rainbow, come sing the shame away, come grieve the yesteryear and light up a new day!

Come wytches and wymen come back to the medicine, the infinite cloak, the queen of the oak, who woke up the fires in Ireland!

Our Brigid Coven converges for two dreamy days and one wild night this February!
Come initiate into the medicine of Éire’s diverse daughter who lived like a holy fire, wild and powerful and forging destinies between her words and remedies!
Be held by wymyn who’ve lived and seen it, felt it, healed it too and let your hair down down all the way down from the high towers all around and get tangled into something intangible.
Come coven sister, the fire’s are lit and the boil of the cauldron rolls on.

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