An Mhór Ríoghain/\The Morrígan Coven March 24/25/26th

On the 24th-26th of March we converge the coven to celebrate the Three Faces of the Fierce Phantom Queen; Badb, Macha and Morrigú in Partry House, Mayo.

A Goddess of Earth and Sovereignty, the Morrígna calls upon you to reclaim, reclaim, reclaim!
Come back to your blood, your body, your birthright in being a woman who sees beyond the games the lost ones play.
Come back to your sisters to steep the poultice and soften the callous over the wounds womyn score on one another from the fear we’ve carried for generations.
Cry out the crows from the treetops and tell the whole of nature who you are and that you are no longer afraid to be seen, heard and respected as powerful, wise, kind and sovereign.
Sink into your soothsaying nature and remember your divination, your way of reading the world, know your omens and call your guides and guardians to come out and play.
Come cackle up a gaggle of giggling pixie womyn shapeshifting between minxes and vixens and let yourself be as dána as a wanna.
Let your blood be your blessings and let there be no more mistakes, only lessons, to learn as you reel with the red moon that waxes and wanes.
Come to the cauldron this time, carry your bloodstained memories to be bathed among Witches who understand that when we are all truly free from the harms of history and so the people shall be and so the wild shall be and so the land will be and so we all shall be.

And so it is…

A cauldron utterly dedicated to the power of being woman, that we might be covering over, that’s been simmering, bubbling and now is ready to blow its lid!
The Morrígna calls you if you 

  • need to feel justice and you are ready to break the cycle
  • a keen to begin boldly embracing YOUR cycle
  • are calling in true sisterhood
  • are ready to resonate with safety and sovereignty and make it sexy!
  • wish to swap power dynamics for organic, shamanic, dynamic power
  • are done with denying your truth or trying to prove yourself
  • are ready to surrender ancestral ruts and move on into a new era
  • want to explore WHY you are attracted to danger and how you can harness that attraction to manifest in your and the earth’s favour!

Over three days we will meet with Badb, Macha and Morrigú to explore the three aspects of you. The Fierce, The Phantom and The Queen.

Gorgeous venue with cosy beds, luscious land and famous showers.
Food is included, there’s a half price space for someone with experience who wishes to cook.
We converge at 8pm Friday the 24th, space opens at 6pm.

We close by 6pm Sunday.
Cost is 300, 280 concession.

This Coven converges with myself and Aoibhín Sheehy of An Gheallach Dearg stirring the cauldron.
This will be my fifth Kareklé Coven and our first time converging for the Morrígan. If you wish to learn a little more my website is www, my instagram is @karekle. Aoibhín is @an_gheallach_dearg

If the crow calls you feel free to email me at this address or call me

If you can’t make it this time but you know someone who might Thrive in the Triad of the Fierce, forward this email on!

See in you in the ether in between,

In ferocious, phantasmagorical friendship, 

Is mise,


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