Anamnesis: A Universal Soul Retrieval Mayo 23/24/25th Feb

The creative power of chaos awaits you to dive in and dissolve what seperates you from the fear of the unknowing and the growing of recognition that all things are a lot more potently connected than they seem.

Anamnesis is a word for Memory Between Lifetimes.

What if the purpose you’ve always wanted to actualise was informed by previous incarnations and you have all the resources available to you in the memories of those lifetimes? What if all you had to do was activate that connection?

What if your ancestors inspired your birth as the one who would break a cycle and your addiction, illness, fear or bad luck streak was actually the starting point of a powerful heroic journey that is supported by all your predecessors?

What if you could MAP this energetically and somatically to REMEMBER the dismembered parts of self trapped in dead timelines from all other life times?

What if you KNEW unequivocally what you are here for right now?

This is an invitation to come roam the realms of the unknown memories between this thread of time and the next along the weft of what is and what will be;

Anamnesis is a space of discovery of memory, gnosis and destiny.
Through energetic, psychic and somatic tool building we begin understanding harmony, resonance, truth and purpose from a deep time shamanic perspective.

Over three days we will explore

The Trickster
The Gift
The Power
Making and Unmaking Reality

and whatever else arises in the web we will be wandering.

Antidotal to addictions, apathy and feeling lost; this process is for unleashing a sustainable momentum to dance your dance of many dreamings on the earth.

A cosmic kick up for the dust the dreams may have gathered in the attic on your neck, and a bright spark to light the wishes in the basement of your heart.
Gorgeous food, gorgeous surrounds, gorgeous people;
a treat for anyone creatively or inspirationally blocked and ready to go for it.

See you in the inbetwixt and between the awakening of your own spring fever dreaming!

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