The Gift Ljubljana 31/1/2 January 2023

This ritual space will explore the power of the gift.

We often obscure or miss what are the powerful gifts that are passed to us through so many channels. Not only our talents and our belonging, but also the elements, the nature, the power of our kinship and relationship, our boides and breath are all in the energy of the gift.

We will explore the gift as the miraculous, the earthly, as tribal phenomenon, as personal sacrifice, as masculine and feminine harmony and as the miracle of the body.

As this is the period of of christmas and yule we will integrate the types of gift and their importance and also the responsbility from the contemporary labour of love, care and solidarity to Essene thought to the Animist Shamanic spirit.

If you are wishing to manifest beyond karma in the world and offer back unconditionally to sources of inspiration, vitality, love and humanity then please join us in the blessings of The Gift; of Bones and Breath, and Beauty.

In love and harmony,
respect and compassion,


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