Fás Aon Oíche 25th-28th May

This is a ritual process that is all about the HEART.
Love’s nature and the nature of love!

We will be working deeply in both the masculine and feminine elements of our beings and harmonizing their experiences, from the roots of family, through childhood and adolescence to our adult selves, exploring the anima and animus and their dynamic within us.

Often there is a preference for one inside us, we love our active self and resent our resting self for slowing us down. Or maybe we fear our assertive self, instead preferring to dwell in the ease of remaining attuned to others rather than our spirit.

One begins to dominate the other, and we fall out of balance in our lives and relationships, seeking an aspect of us outside, rather than encouraging our own being to step into their own nature.

We can see this in how the Earth is exploited to produce endlessly for our needs, and how we have internalized this visibly unsustainable expectation.
We can see this in the mutiny of the body when overwhelmed with worry and sadness.

This process rekindles the dynamism essential to our spirits and souls to thrive.

In this inner union we can begin to really create something fruitful. And just as the soil requires rain to bring forth food and oxygen; we need our consciousness to gently implore our bodies to their power.

If you have been looping on never really getting off the ground, felt stagnant, or just unmotivated; this is for you.

If you’ve been throwing yourself down dead ends and have nothing to show for all you gave; this is for you.

If you care deeply about our sacred ecology and want to dwell in your heart among wild trails and the ocean then this is for you.

If you need to make peace with past love and lessons learned; welcome.

The sun is rising and the refraction through that dew of dawn illuminates the green awakening that anticipates your love. As within so without, and that’s what this journey is all about.

So good morning beloved one; it’s a new day now.

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