About Kareklé

Kareklé is an Animist Temple of Ceremony, Ritual, Healing and Teaching for those who wish to hold space, celebrate, make prayer and heal on the earth at this time.
Kareklé teaches in the tradition of a mystery school, in that what is transmitted is ‘esoteric in nature’. Therefore the mystery school only teaches techniques for one to find their own true nature, in their own unique way.

Cara Cléibh means ‘Bosom Friend’ as gaeilge (in the Irish language) and also the wife of the Satyr Chiron (The Wounded Healer) is Chariklo, (The Medicine Woman), there is a heavenly body corresponding to Chariklo and in the alchemical maxim of as above so below this is the celestial anchor of this earthly temple.
‘Kareklé’ is name in the resonance of the she-shamyn (sí-fhíos-mhúin), female shaman or medicine woman.

During the 60’s and 70’s ‘Gaia Consciousness’ was coined as a term for the Anima Mundi, or ‘World Soul’.
Gaia was the Earth as Mother, abudant, benevolant, understanding and reciprocal, this was the medicine of her archetype.

As the Great Wheel turns, the earth’s soul has responded and adapted to the consciousness that is dominant today.
The Earth as Medicine has come forward during this convulsive time, to hold space for those who wish to truly live here with her.
That is the resonance of Kareklé.
It is a Temple Haven for those who wish to live in the Earth’s true dreaming, and wish to heal, dream, breathe, live, create, dance, make, love and unravel all that ties us to that which harms through the age we are in, alongside all other beings seen and unseen.

Kareklé is the Temple of the Teaching Wise Woman Healer, as such healers and space-holders here are held to account of her energy. In essence, she as the earth and her consciousness are dreaming her body through us and we are working for her, in our own ways, each informed by this incarnation, our own pasts, ancestors, guides and direct relationship with earth and spirit.
All who work with the resonance of the temple have had other teachers and all belong comfortably connected to the web of wonder that is life.
All Paths Are Sacred And All Lead Home.
Katie Ní Mhathúna opened the Temple School and Healing in February 2020; after her own journey as she writes about below.
She is the first teacher in this lineage, she is now leading temple initiations, teaching and holding ritual and ceremony spaces.
Freddy Quinlan is a musician, healer, yoga teacher and is now leading Kareklé healings, his bio will be posted shortly.


Katie Ní Mhathúna 



In the experience of guiding someone to release heaviness or to gather strength, I often notice that people will see in me what it is they are soon become to themselves.
The role I am here to embody is to be both a clearer mirror, for the wounds and the gifts that already reside within each people and also the holder, an anchor a touchstone for those who are in the depths of their own process. Even at times I will embody the light they are reaching for, but always what people are receiving through me is themselves.

In becoming a mirror I have had lifelong experience of altered states of consciousness. My initiatiory journey was intense very young with a fever at five years old wherein I re-encountered the spirit world with relative lucidity. Many experiences like this have stayed with me throughout my life and have guided me through healing crises and over thresholds of initiation into uncharted territories of my own psyche and that of the collective.

I have been surrounded by teachings for this work my entire life. All the threads wove together gradually and I continue to weave myself into one being of tapestry.
I graduated from a degree in social sciences with a first class honours having completed a dissertation on the Power of Dance as Liberation. I know and have seen that people in cathartic co-creation are the most powerful collective force for beauty and truth on the planet at the moment. I hold a space in these temples to cultivate these experiences for others to engage with.

Being in Irish society and shy and insecure in myself I struggled with my awareness and fought my intuition for many years. After reconciling with these aspects of myself I found my uncomfortable sensitivity to be a great gift of subtle awareness. I experienced an psyche and spirit awakening and I am blessed to have experienced the most profound part of this journey in the accepting embrace of the Himalaya. My experiences would be described as deep psychosis in Ireland. Evolving through those experiences without human intervention beyond that of friends and teachers was a deeply empowering initiation. And so, I began work in earnest as a healer and guide in India in 2016.

I have dwelled in my own shadow and I have sunnily risen to my own light. And I will continue this waltz and dip through life as all of it thus far has been essential, wildening, wisening and sublime.

I firmly believe that no one is here to be ‘fixed’ or ‘solved’ and that comes through in my work. We are here to celebrate our lives, for all that they are. There are no mistakes, only detours to returning home. There are no absolutes, every moment, every situation is different.

We are all here with personal and collective dreamings to fulfill. Each individual is given an innate spark of power for them to tend as their birthright. I am here for those who wish to rekindle this spark whether it be the kindling of their shadow they need to cultivate or the heat of their light. Together we illuminate how truly stunning it really is to be alive.

I live a life of friendship with many beings and love invokes me forever on a wind that brings me the greatest lessons and blessings I could imagine.

The sacredness of life is within every being and every experience. And I am humble to be able to share these feelings, seeings, beings and teachings

In love and in kindness,