About Kareklé

Kareklé is an Animist Temple of Ceremony, Ritual, Healing and Teaching for those who wish to hold space, celebrate, make prayer and heal on the earth at this time. If you wish dive more deeply into what this means scroll below!

Katie Ní Mhathúna opened the Temple School and Healing in February 2020; after her own journey as she writes about below.
She is the first teacher in this lineage, she is now leading temple initiations, teaching and holding ritual and ceremony spaces.
Freddy Quinlan is a musician, healer, yoga teacher and is now leading Kareklé one to one healings.


Katie Ní Mhathúna 


My name is Katie,

I am from an ancestral lineage of magic people; many of whom suffered greatly in the times when these roles were suppressed.
I’ve spent much of my life reclaiming these gifts and helping others reclaim them, outside the sense of ‘normal’ that can often cage us.

I was initiated by spirit first at 5 years old during a fever and I’ve been over many thresholds of initiation since in the realms of the bardo, the elements, the ancestors, the shadow and the angelic.

My work is informed by a collective sense of homecoming, back to our bodies, back to our souls, back to the land and back to our human animal, plant and spirit community.

I am commited to returning to earth, as she wishes to be. On this journey I am learning to be human; just like the rest of us. At the same time I am remembering to be spirit and animal. These are the parts I am here to guide others with.

I am so in love with the world and I delight in the offerings and teachings that move through me. It’s so good to be able to know, at least to some degree, my role in this wild ecology during this turn of the wheel. 

You are welcome to connect with me via the contact form or @karekle
or @mobadgersmocraicmomagic on instagram.

In love and in kindness,


Freddy Quinlan


I´ve spent most of my life as an artist or performer in music and theatre. Needless to say at the age of 11 I didn’t have a conscious awareness of the metaphysical power of art or performance. The Greeks did invent theatre to communicate with the gods afterall, nobody tells the kids in drama class that one though.

I was never keen on the idea of a ‘normal’ life but my perception truly shifted through the confluence of many forms of consciousness at 19. Conscious hiphop, psychic awakening and meditation were in this meeting of many streams of thought and idea, that lead to a deep period of awareness that felt close to madness and seemed like it to those around me.
After being in the more standard routes of ‘recovery’ I chose to integrate my experience. In choosing to heal myself, rather than be tied to a service; I turned to acupuncture, learned Scaner therapy and qualified in yoga and began teaching. All the while I kept my close relationship with music by offering Kirtan. 

Through acupuncture and yoga I really began to understand the human body and how the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of all beings are completely interconnected.

Since then I have shifted more to the animist shamanic path. I have been learning in the field of Kareklé, assisting at workshops and supporting sessions for 2 years.

I am excited to weave my knowledge into one to one healing spaces bespoke to the people who wish to connect with me.

With much love,


Kareklé teaches in the tradition of a mystery school, in that what is transmitted is ‘esoteric in nature’. Therefore the mystery school only teaches techniques for one to find their own true nature, in their own unique way.

Cara Cléibh means ‘Bosom Friend’ as gaeilge, the Irish language.
At the inception of this school I found Chariklo, wife of Chiron who is the medicine woman and is also heavenly body in the form of an asteroid. As in the alchemical maxim of ‘As Above So Below’ Chariklo is the celestial messenger of this earthly temple.

‘Kareklé’ is a name in the resonance of the she-shamyn (sí-fhíos-mhúin), female shaman or medicine woman.

During the 60’s and 70’s ‘Gaia Consciousness’ was coined as a term for the Anima Mundi, or World Soul.
Gaia was the Earth as Mother, abudant, benevolant, understanding and reciprocal, this was the medicine of her archetype.

As the Great Wheel turns, the earth’s soul has responded and adapted to the consciousness that is dominant today.
The Earth as Medicine has come forward during this convulsive time, to hold space for those who wish to truly live here with her.
That is the resonance of Kareklé.
It is a Temple Haven for those who wish to live in the Earth’s true dreaming, and wish to heal, dream, breathe, live, create, dance, make, love and unravel all that ties us to that which harms through the age we are in, alongside all other beings seen and unseen.

Kareklé is the Temple of the Teaching Wise Woman Healer, as such healers and space-holders here are held to account of her energy. In essence, she as the earth and her consciousness are dreaming her body through us and we are working for her, in our own ways, each informed by this incarnation, our own pasts, ancestors, guides and direct relationship with earth and spirit.
All who work with the resonance of the temple have had other teachers and all belong comfortably connected to the web of wonder that is life.

All Paths Are Sacred And All Lead Home.

In kindredness,