Kareklé Healings and Ritual Spaces

Katie has over 7 years experience working with people and places on the spirit level.

Her skills include:

Soul Retrieval
Guide Connection
Boundary Development
Power Animal Retrieval
Life Path Revelation
Complex Grief Integration
Complex Trauma Integration
Psychic Gift Development
Moving On From Addiction
Relational Work

Her skill level is potent and the majority of her clientele are healers, shamans, and spaceholders in their own right.

She works on the premise of continuing until the energy is clear therefore sessions can last a varying amount of time.

For in person sessions please book at least 2 weeks in advance.

Contact her directly on whatsapp via the phone number above for a quick response.

This space will also keep you up to date on ritual spaces, ceremonies, and is where special rates for sessions and workshops are posted.


The primal form of feminine activism Covens gather as deeply integrative empowerment spaces for womyn to explore the edges of their magick.
These gatherings are held in honour of the ancestral goddesses of the body, land, sky and sea.
Each time a coven converges womyn from all walks of life leave in awe of their own mystickal power and the beauty they walk in upon the earth.

Ceremonial, Ritual and Initiatory Spaces

No two ritual spaces are ever the same.
Moving from the Underworld, to the Middle Realm to the Sky Realms, ritual spaces are portals for the refined zetigeist of the collective consciousness of the earth, humanity and spirit in that moment.
Entirely unique experiences, nothing in these spaces is by chance and the convergence of souls and spirit lines call forth incredible interactions which have brought about fantastic collaborations and wonderful connections.
To transform in the chrysallis of community is truly a blessing.