What I Do

A Note on the Collective

As I work alongside the energies of manifestation and actualisation I also choose to contribute to the Web of Life. For each session I do I ground the energy of the session with community magic. This can be in the material through planting meadows, trees or assisting in the natural world, or this can also happen through intention magic. I invite clients to nominate organisations or initiatives dear to them that they feel will benefit from some intention work. This is the service of giving back to the human and non-human communities of the world that inspires us.

All treatments available as distance work.

If you would like to consult with me before booking a session please feel free to connect with me using the contact me form.

 Axis Alignment (Shadow Work)

axis alingment
Many people contact me about shadow work.
This is one of my specialties, alongside Karekle this is a healing modality I have been developing since I began working as a practitioner.

Axis healing works on aligning the person with the virtue hidden in their shadows. The healings are short and easy and involve bringing to light awareness of the gifts inherent in the unconscious.

Axis Work is one to one, 1 hour session and can be done in person or online.

We work through emotional integration techniques, body alignment and affirmation.

It is an extremely clearing and enlivening experience for those prepared to do their work!

Axis Alignment is 50euro per session online and in person.

Shamanic Soul Work

Soul work can restore balance to body and mind, it can also bring back forgotten gifts, talents and emotions such as healing abilities, joy, creativity, sexuality and much more. In the the healing traditions ones soul can depart from the body during incidents of trauma. This can happen at any time during life. Also we can encounter programming of self limiting beliefs which trap the soul. Shamanic soul work retrieves the energy of that aspect of the person, be it the inner child, the authoritative assertive self, the sexual self or any other aspect that may have departed, in order to integrate back into the holistic self. This work is conducted in tandem with the higher self of the client so the work is in fact guided by you directly to align with your needs at that time. You may reconnect to spirit guides in the form of etheric beings or animal medicines. Any messages that come through will be shared with you during.
This can also heal

Inappropriate Initiations
Family Dynamics and Ancestral Patterns
Karma and Soul Contracts that are no longer serving your highest good.
Inner Child (although for specific Innerchild work Axis Alignment is recommended)
Guide Clarity
Soul Purpose Realisation
…and much more!

90 minutes session online or in person.


Kareklé Healings

As consciousness shifts more toward the divine feminine nature and we enter the age of the Water Bearer we are all being called to take responsibility for our selves so we can better support the earth as she transforms and returns to the abundant and wild planet she always was. Kareklé Healing is a unique modality of Earth Walker healing developed by Katie over the past 6 years that reconnects us with our original source, the glorious and profoundly enchanting planet that grew us.

For those looking to experience great material connection with the world, with themselves, their bodies, nature, their emotional, sexual and creative self and to bring that forth into partnership with Earth and the others in our lives,  Karekle healing is a deeply transformative process that spans 13 aspects of the creatrix energy.

This is an extremely grounding process and ideal for those who know their path and are yet having trouble manifesting it in the material. Kareklé healing grounds divine love and restores trust, nourishment and the ability to create safe relationships.

The process spans 4 sessions over a Moon Cycle.

Karekle Healing addresses the physical, emotional, mental and spitiual dimensions of healing. The patterns available to heal are;

Love, Intimacy and Relationships.

Life Purpose and Material Manifestation.

Belonging and Solidarity in Community.

Each process is 220euro for four weeks of 90 minute sessions. Available at distance (online) or in person.

It also possible to book group healings for this purpose as long as all members of the group are consenting. Group rate is 330 and as many members of the group are welcome as they wish to co-create.

A note on pricing
This work is service. In that sense I do not turn people away dependent on their means. If you are lacking in financial means other forms of exchange can be arranged. If you are in need at present we can arrange a payment scheme.
This is a powerful exchange of energy and is valued accordingly. In honouring those who brought forth these medicines (including myself) I value myself and the work that transmits through me accordingly. If I do not, I create karma for myself and the individual with whom I am working, as there is in an in-balance between our energies.

In that sense I don’t recommend to clients that they accept ‘free’ healings or other intimate services as these can lead to difficult karmic links between individuals (we begin to ‘owe’ things energetically to people). Offer anything to close the energy between you and the person.
Regardless I encourage those who connect with me to be honest about their means.

We receive what we put in to our process, and as a person who is holding the space of process, I have seen that energy in the form of money, love, compassion, determination and responsiveness.

No one in our society is not entitled to healing, but we cannot reap a harvest that we refuse to sow.

in kindness,