Kareklé Healings and Ritual Spaces

All treatments available as distance work.

Shamanic Soul Work with Katie Ní Mhathúna
and Freddy Quinlan

Soul work can restore balance to body and mind, it can also bring back forgotten gifts, talents and emotions such as healing abilities, joy, creativity, sexuality and much more. In the the healing traditions ones soul can depart from the body during incidents of trauma. This can happen at any time during life. Also we can encounter programming of self limiting beliefs which trap the soul. Soul work retrieves the energy of that aspect of the person, be it the inner child, the authoritative assertive self, the sexual self or any other aspect that may have departed, in order to integrate back into the holistic self. This work is conducted in tandem with the higher self of the client so the work is in fact guided by you directly to align with your needs at that time. You may reconnect to spirit guides in the form of etheric beings or animal medicines. Any messages that come through will be shared with you during.
This can also heal

Energy leaks
Inappropriate Initiations
Family Dynamics and Ancestral Patterns
Karma and Relational Bonds that are no longer aligned to your truth
The Inner Child
Guide Clarity (help connecting to your own intuition)
Life Purpose Realisation
…and much more!

with Katie €100 90minute session
with Freddy €40 90minute session

Covens with Katie Ní Mhathúna, Shell Skye, Margarita Morfy, Karen Cuan

Kareklé holds Covens, gatherings of wymyn in honour of one of our mother, crone, priestess, witch and she-shamyn guides.
These are secret gatherings for the divine and earthly to meet! We move through the many aspects of the keepers of the land in their magikal forms with four witches holding the directions and the centre held by the wild.
Free the witch within you in the safety of the coven x

Ceremonial, Ritual and Initiatory Spaces

Kareklé hold spaces of magic and celebration weaving together the spirits of the land, the shadows of the people and the light of the heavenly bodies to create ritual, ceremonial and initiatory spaces.
These spaces are co-created intuitively from what is called forth. They are once off experiences and no two weekends have ever been the same.

A note on pricing
This work is service. In that sense we do not turn people away dependent on their means. If you are lacking in financial means other forms of exchange can be arranged. If you are in need at present we can arrange a payment scheme.
This is a powerful exchange of energy and is valued accordingly. In honouring those who brought forth these medicines (including myself) we value the Temple and the work that transmits through Kareklé accordingly. If we do not, we create karma for both the temple and being for whom the work is being held, as there is in an in-balance between the energies.

In that sense we don’t recommend to clients that they accept ‘free’ healings or other intimate services as these can lead to difficult karmic links between individuals (we begin to ‘owe’ things energetically to people). Offer anything to close the energy between you and the person.

Regardless I encourage those who connect with us to be honest about their means.

We receive what we put in to our process, and as a person who is holding the space of process, I have seen that energy in the form of money, love, compassion, determination and responsiveness.

No one in our world is not entitled to healing, but we cannot reap a harvest that we refuse to sow.

In Kindness,

Katie (Kareklé.com)