12 Monthly Workshops in Lucid Dreaming, Sacred Activism and Returning to Earth

A one year course in Emboying the Mythic in Response to the restrictive.Why do we heal?Is it for ourselves?Our children?Our community?When the Sun Kisses the Moon is activated transpersonal healing.This means the journey through the sessions is woven with intention to create ripples out through the planes of reality. From the dreaming to the material, [...]

Community Healing Weave

A gorgeous dynamic thread of healing and community sharing. A space for others to also announce their work, healing, guiding and creative or just looking to exchange or sell things.Weaves are a way to consciously tune with collective themes and allow awareness of your own unique expression in that theme.Please feel free to message and [...]

The Rainbow Bridge Sligo 6-8th August

Residential Weekend Workshop Exploring Play, Community and Radical Discontinuity Oh why hello there!Long time no see!Yer looking well! It's Summer! Let's Celebrate Life, Love and Community! Rainbow Bridge is a Two Night Three Day Tribal Initiation Space on Beautiful Land in a Home in County Sligo. So much time has been invested in introspection lately, diving [...]

Sacrifice and Power

SacrificeSacrifice means to 'make sacred' or 'make holy'.The view of the path of sacrifice is a curious one. Living as I do in a Catholicism infused society, a corrupted concept of sacrifice has become acceptable. Those who have aligned with this idea seem to value their sufferring as their primary offering to their family, partner [...]

The Technology of Ego

Technology is interesting. When Prometheus stole fire from the Gods, when Eve plucked the pomegranate from the tree (or the apple, depends of whose Bible you read!), when Spider Grandmother petitioned Tawa to give us our voices... This is a universal archetype and there are plenty of these incidents to mention. A benevolent deity or [...]

Becoming Ishtar

This is Ishtar, also known as Inanna. Arguably Easter is named after her, some say it’s named after the German Goddess Ostera, yet there’s plenty of similarities between all Spring Goddess archetypes and Mythology is not a space of pedantry but curiosity. Ishtar is particularly interesting as her story reflects the Venus retrograde cycle. She [...]