Kareklé Shamanic Mentoring: The World Wheels

Shamanic Teachings

Turning the Three World Wheels


In shamanic traditions there are three primary realms which we learn to navigate.
You can know these realms as the subconscious, the conscious and the superconscious or the Id, the Ego and the Super Ego in anthroprocentric (or individual human) terms.
In this tradition they are known as the UnderWorld, The Middle World and The UpperWorld.

The Three Realms, or Wheels, are the centre points for our beingness in co-creation with all of reality, seen and unseen.

In these training you will receive transmissions and begin the practice of training as a shamanic initiate, initiated not by another person, but by your own navigations through the realms of spirit. In these processes each person is invited to remember their own, utterly unique medicine which they are here to bring forth at this time.

On completing these wheels you will be invited to begin a deeper journey of practicing the medicine wheel, in all that you do. The final process for those who have finished these trainings will be the Compass; to initiate them into healing and ritual modalities and further mystery schools.

Each Wheel is an 9 day residential process.
The fee is 1600 per wheel.
There is one sponsored place available per wheel.

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A Shamanic Encounter with Surrender, The Elemental World and The Channel of Rebirth

Release: The Underworld Wheel

The Shamanic Underworld is the Realm of Animal, Plant, Mineral and World soul. We encounter in the space the raw potential of life and death, uncultivated and wild. In this we initiate into rootedness, power of purpose and the decisiveness to thrive in our cellular selves.

In this process we invoke an element and it’s allies;

  • Depth
    Releasing all that is no longer appropriate, The Cave
  • Axis
    Aligning with the Centre Point
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Ether
  • Honour

This wheel will deal with developing shamanic journeying techniques and intuition through greater interaction with the teachings of the world, specifically the elements and our earth guides. We will study communication styles for guides and nature allies and begin elemental initiations.
It is not necessary to be ‘visually’ adept in meditation or psychically inclined to embark on this journey.

Participants will receive:

  • Explanations of how these beings can appear in ones ‘waking’ life
  • Tools of perception and intuitive development
  • How to release subtle interference and transmute energies safely (personal psychopomp)
  • Initiations to hold personal ceremonies for each element
  • Recommendations and instructions for self study beyond the session
  • Sharing space for talking circle between session
  • How to know when not to know
  • Freeing creativity

This Wheel is a grounding course in Shamanic Journey Work and Dancing in the World. With it you will begin allowing yourself to notice life as it reveals to you it’s messages and meaning in their subtle, soul and solid forms. With these messages we can begin taking meaningful and inclusive action towards the Earth’s wisdom, our own innate knowing and the essential wonder in living and dying.

This Wheel is ideal for those ready to Earth. To come back to the essentials, especially after a period of life transformation such a big changes in relationships or locations, or long periods of feeling more connected to upper dimensions than to the Earth plane. This course is held to keep the participant in a safe container of exploration and to reset their core orientations to include more supportive energies in the ‘waking’ world.

Remember: The Middle World Wheel

A Consciousness Adventure, with Self in Other, Ancestors and Teachers and Body in Ether to Remember Who You Are.

The Middle World is the Realm of Human Archetypes, Ancestors, Sacred Sites and Temple Teachers. It is the world of those not energies not initially visible but ever present as audience waiting for participation in cosmic play.

  • Ethics
  • Path and Spirit Lines
  • Understanding Loverhood and Relationship
  • Trickster
  • Wild Twin
  • Land Memory and Sacred Sites
  • Ancestors, Ghosts, Human Entities
  • Ritual and Ceremony

This Wheel spins through the 4th dimensional realities of the collective Dreamtime. Here we can meet human archetypes, fellow travellers of the medicine path and soul family. Through the turn of the Middle World Wheel we explore what it means to be participant in our own species, humanity, in a way that is whole and evolving. Often it can be hard to know oneself and stay centred in that knowing. This wheel encourages us to Remember. We reveal self through the body, relationships, archetypes, the axis of karma and dharma and the divine impulse.

Participants will receive teachings on:

  • Tools for relational awareness
  • How to construct rituals and ceremony consciously
  • How to recognise soul family and soul contracts
  • Creating Ancestral Healing Altars
  • Connection with the metaphysical personality of ones body

    and more…

This Wheel is a centering course in energy work and conscious relating. With it we can navigate the human world with greater awareness, receptivity, compassion and strong yet flexible boundaries. A degree of subtle perception is required for this course. Being ‘aware’ of energies is sufficient. This course prepares one for energy healing others.

This Wheel is for those who are finding themselves now among the human family and are looking to integrate an intentional awareness of themselves in relationship to civilisation, human soul, society, sexual relationship and family.
Often the medicine path can seem separate from ‘normal society’. This Wheel integrates the understanding of the subtle worlds with the ‘waking’ one to allow for functional, multi-layered perception. Participants are shown how to appreciate the seeming chaos of ‘being human’ as being a learning journey towards greater connection rather than individualism.

An elevation to the realms of divinity, manifestation, inspiration and the ascended. An opportunity to receive light to anchor and choose the world you wish to actualize, beyond the scripts of fear’s limitations.

Realize : The Upper World Wheel

The Upper World is the world of the divine, where deities play and the music of the spheres descend to our ears on the Earth plane. Where the ascended weave threads of consciousness from the stars to be caught by us and carried forth to a tapestry of life. Where we choose what comes through the material nature of our being into this reality.

In this wheel we will Realize our Agency in Creation through

  • Shapeshifting
  • Coherence
  • Lucidity
  • Joy
  • Reciprocity
  • Interdependency
  • Bliss
  • Presence

This Wheel is a celestial orbit through the Upperworld energies that can descend and actualise through us. We will explore our relationship to those who seed consciousness from non material realms, to the map of stars and planets that way mark our lives and to the guiding lights of beings who have left this planet yet can enlighten our intentions on Earth.

Participants will receive tools to

  • Channel the influences of their astrological chart
  • Access healing channels to work on themselves and other beings with
  • The ability to test if the information or energy received is in alignment with your sovereignty
  • Connection to celestial allies
  • Manifestation tools and testing

This Wheel connects us to our higher selves to receive guidance and actualize a grounded authentic divine plan in ones life purpose. To be able to access greater meaning and knowing of higher energies participants need to engage with preparatory grounding and have a grounding practice to be suitable for this course.

Finally, for those who have completed these processes a path emerges to become Wild Kin of the Wheel and complete their own bespoke medicines realms to retrieve tools of divination, healing, initiation and much more.
This process is an in person residential workshop called ‘Compass’.