The Keening Well; January 13/14/15th

This sweet and tender gathering is for those who wish to both hold and let go.
In three days we explore what it is to experience loss, touch grief and be supported through a gathering of the souls in their seeing of one another and the ce;lebration of what it is to be human.

I have been in many phases of the perception of complex grief for the past 6 years.

From what I have perceived what we do out of unresolved grief can manifest as addiction, self sabotage and the sabotage of relationships, denial of our purpose gifts and talents, rejection of love, refusal of opportunity and can generally manifest as an apathy towards the beauty of life.
It can harm ourselves, others and the planet.
It can keep us from having safe homes, nurturing relationships and joyful inspired lives.
In adapting to a broken hearted culture we lose our lights, our beacons that we naturally shine into the world when we have the courage to love regardless.

Loss is an expansion of the human soul.
We have all lost and been lost in loss…
For some it is innocence, love, your future vision, your way, your joy or light, a loved one, or a former self;
This space is a deep shamanic rememberance on the commons of loss that we navigate, and the individual and collective expressions that we forgot when we were denied our grief.

Myself and Aisling welcome you to hold and be held in the universal human need to be seen, felt and heard in all the elements of grieving. We gather in the tenderness together to soften the corners we sharpened in loss.
From the depths on the souls cave we can step out from the shadow and receive dawn.

If you yourself are a space holder wishing to explore the tender edges of the soul, the soft wounds of the spirit and the lonely holes in the heart, then we welcome you to connect to the keening well and the practices we shall deepen into to see what loss and love, trust and belonging, purity and potency wish to be known.

We will explore;

Grief Between Lives; decolonizing grief
Clear Faculties and Holding Another in Process
Acceptance and Resistance
A Forgiving Reflection
Releasing Ourselves From the Fear Response
A Reception of The Gifts We Denied
The Beauty Way of Life
A Celebration of What is Vital

Sometimes we do not believe what our state is, we feel numb.
If you do not feel anything but are to dive deeply to find the pain and light within it, this space is for you also.

This space is an open and closed process, which means all the story will be integrated in the time we are holding one another.
If you are resonantly called to let go of generational hurt, heal the wounds of the feminine, the masculine, the child and our planetary pain you as a being feel so you can embark on a new adventure of beauty and celebration; we welcome you utterly.

In Blessings of the Bright New Year,


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